Conditional Use Permit

The process for approval of conditional use permits will occur consistent with the requirements identified in the Town’s Ordinances and Comprehensive Plan.  It is recommended that, prior to the filing of an application for the approval of a certified survey map (CSM) or a preliminary plat, the applicant consults with the Town Board and/or Plan Commission to obtain its advice and assistance.  This consultation is neither formal nor mandatory but is intended to inform the applicant of the purpose and objectives of the Town’s regulations, goals, objectives, policies, and recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan, and any applicable land use plans.  Consultation with the Dane County Department of Planning and Development is also recommended.  The Town’s approval process is separate from requirements for approvals from Dane County.  For information about the County’s approval process, please contact the Dane Co. Dept. of Planning and Development at (608) 266-4266.

The fee for a Conditional Use Permit is $500.00.  Any application simultaneously submitted for a zoning change, land division, and/or conditional use permit will be required to pay all fees.

Conditional Use Permit Application