Dane County Contacts

Dane County Department of Planning & Development

Planning Division

Todd Violante, Director – 608-266-4021

Curt Kodl, Senior Planner – 608-266-4183

Majid Allan, Senior Planner – 608-267-2536

Brian Standing, Senior Planner 608-267-4115

Pam Andros, Senior Planner – 608-261-9780

Zoning Division

Dane County has regulatory authority over lands within the boundary of Black Earth and most other townships.

The Zoning Division is responsible for a number of regulatory review and approval processes for construction and land development activities, including:  Zoning Permits, Rezoning, Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Water Resource Regulations, and Land Divisions.

Zoning Administrator
Roger Lane – 608-266-9078

Land Divisions
Dan Everson, Assistant Zoning Administrator – 608-267-1541

Hans Hilbert, Assistant Zoning Administrator – 608-266-4993

Zoning Inspector for the Town of Black Earth 
Wade Osterholz, Zoning Inspector – 608-266-9082

Records & Property Listing

The Records Division maintains the Real Estate Ownership Property List and Personal Property List for all of Dane County.  The Division also maintains the records of the Dane County Surveyor’s Office.

Land Conservation

The Land Conservation Division provides conservation planning assistance and technical service in the area of soil and water conservation to landowners, land users, and decision-makers.

Erosion Control and Stormwater Management is managed through Dane County Land and Water Resources, 608-224-3730.