Month: January 2015

Plan Commission Meeting on January 27

Notice is hereby given for a Planning Commission meeting on
Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 at 6:30 pm at 1030 Mills Street Black Earth WI.

Agenda for January 27


Minutes: Town of Black Earth Planning Commission meeting

Date: January 27, 2015
Time: 6:30pm
Location: 1030 Mills St. Black Earth WI

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by chair Peter Weil

Members in attendance Peter Weil, Don Ripp, Steve Parrell, Bruce Johnson, Chuck Bruhn, Tony Danz

  1. Proof of posting was provided
  2. Motion Johnson/Bruhn to approve the agenda     Carried 6-0
  3. Motion Ripp/Johnson to approve minutes from August 2014   Carried 6-0

Motion Ripp /Parrell to approve the minutes from the December 2014 meeting   Carried 6-0

5 .There were no public comments

  1. Mickelson Rev. Trust rezone driveway site visit. The proposed A-EX1 was visited by Peter Weil and Don Ripp and theowner to be. They found the site for the field road acceptable and there is no need for a culvert.

Don went back to the site after the snow was gone and confirmed waiving the culvert.

Motion Weil/Ripp: Based on the site visit and conversation between Don Ripp and the” buyer to be” the commission recommends accepting the site for the field road And that site be able to waive the culvert requirement.  Carried 6-0

  1. Discussion/Action on the Goals, Objectives, and Policies of the Planning Commission.

Motion Weil/Johnson to table until next month.   Carried 6-0

Discussion on proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan. The commission will explore:

Changing the % of slope for building sites but keeping the 10% grade for drives.

Changing and creating a consistent term for developable locations.

Amending to remove confusing or obsolete language.

The Procedure to amend existing Plan and the timelines involved

  1. Future Items:

Dawson Driveway Permit – outstanding request

Review and Update of all permit forms

  1. Motion Parrell/Weil to Adjourn     carried 5-0 (Danz left earlier)

Meeting Adjourned at 8:28pm

Town Caucus to be held on Monday, January 6

The Town Caucus for the Spring 2015 elections will be held on Monday, January 6 at 6:15pm, in the basement of the State Bank of Cross Plains, 1030 Mills Street, Black Earth.

Official Caucus Notice (PDF)

What is a caucus?

According to the Wisconsin Caucus Manual, published by the General Accountability Board:

The caucus is a method that may be used by towns and villages for nominating candidates to be placed on the Spring Election ballot. The caucus is open to the public, but only qualified electors of the municipality may nominate and vote for candidates. A person is not required to be a registered voter in order to participate in the caucus. A caucus cannot be used for nominating candidates for the office of Town Sanitary District Commissioner. Nomination papers must be used by Town Sanitary Districts.

Any person who is a United States citizen, 18 years of age or older, who has resided within the municipality for at least 28 days before the caucus is a qualified elector. The voter list from a previous election may be used as an aid in determining if a person qualified as an elector in the municipality at the last election. Any person whose name does not appear on the voter list may be asked to provide some form of identification that lists the person’s name, current address, and if necessary, date of birth.

There is no spring primary for town or village offices when the caucus system is used. However, there may still be a February primary conducted within the town or village for state, county or school district candidates.

Town Board Meeting, January 6

Date: January 6, 2015
Time: 6:30 p.m. To immediately follow 6:15 Caucus
Location: 1030 Mills St. Black Earth WI 53515 **Please note new location

Agenda (PDF)


1.Meeting was called to order at 6:43pm by Chair Vern Wendt, following the Spring Election Caucus.

Members in attendance: Vern Wendt, Don Ripp, Tom Schlick, Brenda Kahl, Dayna Dreis

  1. Proof of Posting was provided
  2. Motion Schlick/Ripp to accept the agenda.   Carried 3-0
  3. Motion Schlick/Ripp to accept the minutes of December 2, 2014 meeting. Carried 3-0
  4. a. Treasurer Kahl reports balances of: Money Market: 714,377.12

Checking: 10,382.76

Motion Schlick/Wendt to accept the checks numbering 10038 -10068. Carried 3-0

There were no Public comments.

Vern Wendt thanked Dan Peterson for chairing the Caucus.

  1. Motion Schlick/Ripp to table action on Mickleson Rev. Trust rezone until the planning

Commission has had a chance to do a site visit for driveway. Carried 3-0

  1. Don Ripp gave a report from the Dane County Towns Assoc. meeting in December.

Items and Information brought back:

  • Since its creation in 1928 there have been virtually no updates to the Zoning Rules.
  • Throughout the State there are locations where Townships do their own zoning.
  • Most of Dane County has no voice on the zoning commission.
  • Dane County Zoning Commission has a 1 million dollar budget
  • New wording features should be completed in 2016. There will be “Opt out”

Options in 2017, 2020, 2023 (three year intervals)

  1. Motion Ripp/Schlick to accept the proposed Husbandry Ordinance and name an agent

that will issue permits in the near future. Carried 3-0

  1. Motion Wendt/Schlick to explore a shared sand/salt facility Carried 3-0

Discussion on a shared salt/sand facility with the Village of Black Earth was held.

  • Vern Wendt brought to the board the possibility of sharing our salt/sand shed

with the Village, they are currently having to purchase and pick up salt/sand

and do not have a viable location within the Village.

  • The option of the Village weighing each truckload as a way of keeping accurate

accounting of usage was presented.

  • Patrolman Schroeder provided the following information:

The Village used about 36 tons/yr.

The Town’s shed holds 200 tons but could hold up to 300 tons

We pay for salt/sand upon receipt.


  • Any action wouldn’t take effect until next year as this year’s arrangements are in place.
  1. Motion Schlick/Ripp to change Rezone application to include driveway. Carried 3-0
  1. Planning Commission report: Commission met on December 15th to discuss Mickelson

Rev. Trust rezone. Also the new Resource Protection Corridor maps where available for

Review. Chairman Weil asked board to consider action to fill vacant seat on the board.

The seat has been vacant since August.

  1. The Fire department meeting is January 15th
  2. The EMS will meet is January 8th
  3. Patrolman Al Schroeder reports all equipment is working well. He is working with the Town of Berry patrolman cutting trees.
  1. Future items:

-Appoint agent to approve and issue Seasonal Permits that come from the new Husbandry


-Create an agreement with the Village of Black Earth for a shared salt/sand facility.

-Putting up Seasonal Limit road signs

-Discuss how we can help the Planning commission to move application through the

process more efficiently.

  1. Motion Ripp/Schlick to adjourn. Carried 3-0

Meeting adjourned at 7:12