The Town of Black Earth is located approximately 20 miles west of Madison. The first Europeans to permanently settle here arrived in 1843.  Five years later, the Wisconsin State Legislature created the Town of Farmersville, which was later renamed to Black Earth.  Black Earth is a rural farming community blessed with natural resources, including fertile soils and the popular Black Earth Creek.  (Population 518, 2023) 

Town of Black Earth Notice
Road Closure – Fesenfeld Road, west of Mickelson Rd
for Culvert Replacements
Wednesday, May 22, and Thursday, May 23, 2024

Town of Black Earth
Notice of Ordinance Amendments

Please take Notice that the Town Board of the Town of Black Earth, Dane County, Wisconsin, adopted amendments to the following ordinance at the Town Board meeting on April 4, 2024.

Chapter 6, Land Division Ordinance:
        Sec. 6.8 DESIGN STANDARDS
             (4) LOTS
                  (c)  The amendment clarifies the minimum residential lot size to be two (2) acres.
                  (e)  The amendment allows exceptions for a second or third lot if one lot has at least sixty-
                        six (66) feet of public road frontage and has deeded access and a joint driveway
                        agreement with any additional lots.           

Stephanie Zwettler, Town Clerk
Notice of Ordinance Amendment-Land Division
Land Division Ordinance – amended 4/4/24

     The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a new webpage to help applicants for solar installations.  Solar installations are becoming more frequent as individuals, communities, companies, and utilities seek renewable energy solutions.  The webpage focuses on ground-mounted projects as they have a broader impact on the environment than building-mounted or home installations.