Board Meeting on February 3

Date: February 3, 2015
Time: 6:30pm
Location: The basement of the Bank located at 1030 Mills St. Black Earth WI

Agenda for February 3

Minutes of the Town of Black Earth Board meeting

Meeting held February 3, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of 1030 Mills St. Black Earth WI.

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Town Chair Vern Wendt.

Members in attendance: Vern Wendt, Don Ripp, Tom Schlick, Brenda Kahl and Dayna Dreis

Motion Schlick/Ripp to approve the agenda after combining items 7 and 8   Carried 3-0

Motion Ripp/Wendt to approve the minutes from Jan 6, 2015 with the spelling correction to Item 12.     Carried 3-0

Motion Schlick/Wendt to accept the financial reports     Carried 3-0

Money Market account – $442,860.80

Checking – 6,581.33

  1. Checks written for January bills 10069 – 10097

Public Comments. Mr. Paul Wilichowski asked about progress on the issue of substandard parcels. He was informed that this would be covered in the Planning commission’s report.

Motion Schlick/Ripp to approve the rezone and driveway permit of the Mickelson Rev. Trust Carried 3-0

-The rezone of existing RH-3 lot to A-Ex1 and the rezone of 16.83 acres to RH-4. The driveway permit is for the lot being rezoned A-Ex1. Buyer to Be was given an explanation as to why a driveway permit was need for the farm road to the rezoned A-Ex1 field.

Motion Wendt/Schlick to name Patrolman Al Schroeder as the agent to issue permits for the new Husbandry Ordinance passed on January 6th 2015.

Motion Schlick/Ripp to table the item dealing with Seasonal Weight limit signs to allow Patrolman Schroeder to get pricing for signs. Carried 3-0

The signs need their own posted. We are required to post all roads.

Motion Ripp/Wendt to accept the Agreement with the Black Earth Joint Fire Dept.

Carried 2-1

Motion Schlick/Wendt to table Review and Updating of permits until the Planning Commission has reviewed and sent recommendation.   Carried 3-0

Planning Commission Report. From Chairman Weil the Planning Commission will be reviewing the Land Use Plan and working on wording that is acceptable and consistent with the County.

Also Chairman Weil asked that the board works on filling the vacancy on the Planning Commission.

Joint Fire Department Report. Mitch Hodson was reelected Chief. There was a $4000.00 carry over. And they are looking at an estimated 6000.00 in remodeling and upkeep.   The department had only one (1) Mutual Aid run. Dane Comm. Has been come to a halt. Recommends holding payment when it comes in.

EMS Report. They had 306 EMS call last year. 19 lower than budgeted for. Also reports the halt of Dane Comm. In the future they may need to look at the reality of the financial impact of an aging population as Medicare has a set reimbursement for ambulance runs. Currently the levy allows for 4.95/person. There were no Friday/Saturday night accidents in 2014.

Patrolman’s report. Tree cutting is underway. Al purchased and repaired the Ford’s actuator.

Also requested approval to replace a mailbox supposedly damaged by the plow. It was agreed to continue replacing mail boxes damaged by Town’s plows and make sure they meet Postal regulations when replaced.


Future Items:

Motion Schlick/Ripp to Adjourn. Carried 3-0   Meeting adjourned 7:30 p.m.