Minutes for 9/3/2013

9/3/2013 Meeting Minutes

Black Earth Town Board Meeting at 1116 Mill St, Black Earth, WI

Ken Olson, Chairman called the meeting to Order at 6:30 on 9/3/2013

Proof of Posting / Yes

 Members Present/ Tom Schlick, Ken Olson, Don Ripp, Brenda Kahl, Joann Bennett

 Public Present /Don Austin and Peter Weil

 Motion to approve agenda Don /Tom /All Aye

Motion to approve Minutes from 8/16/13 Don /Ken

Motion to approve Financial Report;

  1. Money Market $129,479.48 and checking $17,421.68 Tom / Ken /All Aye
  2. Checks Written in August #9660- #9676 Tom /Don / All Aye

Public Comment /None

Old Business

  1. Garage update discussion and possible action on any open issues /The building is done waiting for final approval from Building Inspector and discussion about moving records.
  2. Discussion and possible action on Zoning for Sub-standard lots and issues with DCZ Board /Brenda presented a spread sheet she is working on and the issue will be tabled until the work is done.  Don / Tom / All Aye

 New Business

  1. Discussion and possible action on appointing Steve Parrell to Planning Commission /Approve appointing Steve Parrell to the Planning Commission. Tom / Don /All Aye
  2. Discussion and possible action on Kevin Statz’s driveway and trees on Mahocker Rd/ Approval to write letters to both including legal action for Kevin Statz’s Driveway Tom / Don /All Aye
  3. Discussion and possible action on attending WTA Convention in October/ approval to attend conference for Don, Peter and Ken. Tom /Don / All Aye
  4. Discussion and possible action on e-mail guideline policy, Tom would like to add some wording to the policy and will bring it back for the next meeting. It will be tabled until then. Tom / Don / All Aye
  5. Discussion and possible action on re-zoning for Mickelson Trust Petition #DCPREZ-2103-10596 and Jasen Ayres’s re-zoning Petition #DCRPEZ-2103-10587. The Gaylord Mickelson Revocable Trust was approved with the 44 areas that are left remaining will be deed restricted to A1 exclusive Ag zoning and there will be no more splits for this property. Don / Tom / All Aye


Planning Commission Report / Nothing to report

Fire Department Report /We have a meeting on Thursday

District 1 EMS Report /Next meeting will be a week from Thursday

Patrolman Report / There are some washed out areas that need fixing, Allen will get a quote for the next meeting.  There was discussion on cutting the hillsides along the roadways next spring and renting equipment along with some of the other Towns in the area.

The next meeting is scheduled for Date; Oct 1, 2013       Time; 6:30

Motion to Adjourn at Time 8:10PM/ Don /Tom/ All Aye

Future Agenda Items/ Date to Rate roads, Apply for TRIPP Funds and increasing the budget for road repairs.

Joann Bennett, Clerk