Minutes for 10/1/13

10/1/2013 Meeting Minutes

Black Earth Town Board Meeting at 1116 Mill St, Black Earth, WI

Ken Olson, Chairman called the meeting to Order at 6:30 on 10/1/13

Proof of Posting / Yes

 Members Present/ Tom Schlick, Ken Olson, Brenda Kahl, Joann Bennett, Don Ripp Absent

 Public Present/Kevin Kahl /Kendall Kahl, Mark Elworthy, Jeff Fancsali, Kevin Statz, and Peter Weil

 Motion to approve agenda Tom /Ken /All Aye

Motion to approve Minutes from 9/3 Tom /Ken /All Aye

Amount in Money Market Account $60,099.68 and in checking $22,666.14 Tom / Ken /All Aye September checks written #9677-# 9699 Tom /Ken / All Aye

Public Comments/Presentation of new entrance for High School by Jeff Fancsali and Mark Elworthy /They asked if the Town would consider widening Olson Rd in the future and there were questions and discussion

Old Business/ Discussion and possible action on E-mail policy /Tom made some changes and Ken made a motion to Table it until the November Meeting / second by Tom / All Aye

 New Business

  1. Discussion and possible action on the fence boarding Kahl’s Property/ Ken paid for the fencing due to an errors on how it was handled
  2. Discussion and possible action on Kevin Statz’s Driveway/ Kevin stated that he did not change his driveway after it was permitted, the snow plows from both the Town of Black Earth and Mazomanie turn around in his driveway and that is how the changes have occurred. He has also moved the cement along the road and will not be putting any more in the right away. Tom made a motion to dismiss any action on Kevin Statz’s driveway / Ken / All Aye
  3. Discussion and possible action on setting date for rating the roads/ Allen had already rated the roads and the future repairs/ a spread sheet was handed out covering a 5 year plan 2014-2018
  4. Discussion and possible action on the contract with Joint Fire district/Tabled until November Meeting Ken/ Tom /All Aye

Planning Commission Report / Brenda is continuing to work on the Spread sheet and has put in over 100 hours.  She will need some help with some pieces of property.

Fire Department Report /No report

District 1 EMS Report /Tom handed out the EMS Balance Sheet dated August 31, 2013 and discussed the purchase of a new (used) stretcher that is motorized.

Patrolman Report /Allen put up a Stop Sign and Road sign at Fosshage Rd, Tom told him to take down the road sigh that was spelled wrong and causing confusion with the one resident on the road that didn’t want to change all their records and legal papers. Allen removed the sign. He will need to get the hinges on the Mack fixed and buy some gravel to fix the shoulders along Reeve, Mahocker, and Fesenfeld Roads at a cost of $300.00 to $400.00. To get his name on the truck will be about $20.00. The garage loft is cleaned out and the old records can be moved over there at any time. Allen will create a list with tools that he needs for 2014 budget.

Brenda asked about our policy for cutting trees and Tom said we should have one.

The next meeting is scheduled for Date; 11/5/2013  Time; 6:30

Motion to Adjourn at Time 7:41 Tom/ Ken/All Aye

Future Agenda Items/ Talk about Olson Road with Mark Elworthy and Jeff Fancsali /Discussion and Possible action on Land Splits / Fire Department Budget and Contract / Sertzel trees on Mahocker Rd /Set time and date for Budget Meeting  / Discussion and possible action on appointment of a Vise Chairman for the Planning Commission

Joann Bennett, Clerk