Tuesday 01 June 2021

Town Board Meeting

Town of Black Earth
Town Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 1, 2021
6:30 PM

The meeting will be held in the lower level of the Breunig
Accounting building, located at 1116 Mills St., Black Earth, WI.



1.       Call to Order – Roll Call. 

2.       Proof of Posting. 

3.       Approval of the Agenda.

4.       Minutes of Previous Meeting – May 4, 2021.

5.       Public Comments – non-agenda items.

6.       Discussion/action re:  Financial Report.
     A.  Money Market:                             Checking:
     B.  Approval of checks written.     

7.       Discussion/action re:  Plan Commission Report.

8.       Discussion/action re:  Town Comprehensive Plan – discuss revising.

9.       Discussion/action re:  Patrolman’s Report.
    A.  Ford truck repairs.
    B.  Fesenfeld Road – culvert installation.

10.    Discussion/action re:  Mahocker Road paving project – financing.

11.    Discussion/action re:  Reeve Road – tree trimming.

12.    Discussion/action re:  David Born, 5375 Mahocker Rd – easement agreement update.

13.    Discussion/action re:  Conditional Use Permit Application form – review revision.

14.    EMS Board Report.

15.    Fire Board Report.

16.    Discussion of future agenda items.  

17.    Adjourn. 


Stephanie Zwettler, Town Clerk

Agenda 6/1/21

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